At the end of the day… what’s important to you?

Has anyone asked you this question before? Have you asked yourself? Maybe it’s something you’ve never given thought to, but, think about it as it relates to life in the mountains.

Maybe your day consists of an 8-5 job, caretaker of children, or freedom of retirement. When it’s all said and done where would you like to be?  Let’s put a little different perspective on this, not specific to the end of any given day, but in a broader realm.

Where do you see yourself retiring, spending a long weekend, or escaping to a second home? Is it on top of a mountain looking down, or maybe alongside a creek with the sound of trickling water… an obvious extreme from the city noise?

                             I used to be attracted to the “view”, isolated from traffic, people, and noise… the “sounds of silence”. I lived in a home with a long range mountain view (the view in the photo to the left).  I go there from time to time… it’s actually one of my listings now. I miss it, and all that the location offers. But, I’ve shifted my “want and need”  to the interactive sound of water flowing, it’s calming effect, continual movement from soft to bold at times… has it’s own allure. I find a certain “peace” sitting alongside a trickling branch, creek, or a bold stream.


There’s a place I used to spend a fair amount of time during any given year. 

 It had a large waterfall that spilled into a stream flowing past a deck where there were many conversations (business, and social), casual dinners, parties.  I at times wondered… what would it be like if the water suddenly stopped flowing?  Think of the song… American Pie (by Don McLean)bye bye Miss American Pie, drove my Chevy to the levee and the levee was dry... the day the music died”.  Sort of like turning off a faucet, I couldn’t imagine this place without the icy cold water flowing all the time! By “all the time” includes during gatherings on the deck when a stone fireplace was blazing, with heavy plastic seasonally stapled on the deck railings buffering the winter chill.  It was a beautiful place, and… time.  

 But, was there any guarantee that the water wouldn’t stop flowing someday?

There are no guarantees in life, but the likelihood of the water ceasing to flow at this special place was minimal.

When you’re searching for that special place whether to build the weekend getaway cabin, “forever” dream home, or to pitch a tent on weekends I think it’s important to discover what appeals to… you (and the person that may enjoy it with you). We are all “turned on” by different things visually and aurally..  If you can have a satisfying combination of both, it’s a wonderful thing!

So, the point here is… before embarking on your search for mountain property for whatever your desired use may be search within yourself to find out what gives you the peace, the sound of silence, or the visual image that you may desire… even if you have to go “high on that mountain“, or sit low beside a creek to figure that out. “You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need” (Rolling Stones).  Consider this when you search for property in the mountains along with price, location, and… your heart.

I love showing people around the mountains, especially in the remote, lesser traveled areas since those are the places that brought me here. When you’re ready to look, I’m ready to show… only in the mountains!

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