In the real estate profession many laws, rules, and ethics are the same state to state.
Some rules, and laws can vary though,
 in North Carolina a real estate broker may represent either a buyer, a seller,
or even both in the same transaction as a dual agent

It is important for you as a consumer whether you are a buyer, or seller,  
to understand the working relationship you can 
have with your broker.  
As a real estate broker I am required to provide you with consumer awareness information.
“Working with Real Estate Agents”

brochure explains the types of 
relationships brokers can have with buyers and sellers.

This brochure is not a contract, or any obligation requiring you
to utilize a particular broker.
But, there is a requirement that you sign the brochure to acknowledge receiving it.
The signing of the brochure is a painless experience!
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Over 90% of buyers utilize the internet in their search for a home.*
Only in the Mountains Realty website has a mobile application,
allowing you to view it from your cell phone for your convenience, too!


on a back road in the mountains of Madison County

Considering looking for home or land to buy in the mountains?  

Be sure to plan your time here to allow for traveling on roads
that can be steep, and winding
(we can’t always drive at interstate road speeds)
visiting properties that are not close to each other.

It can make for a long day looking at multiple properties, 
so as your real estate broker I want to be sure that you make the most of your time.
I usually have to schedule most showings in advance
through a showing service.

We can work together to make a schedule that will ensure you see
properties that interest you.



Our lives are continuously changing…
sometimes changes occur by circumstances that are beyond our control,
and sometimes they change by choice.

 You may have established your home here or invested in property, 
but have to make a decision to sell.
I am here to assist you with listing your property for sale,
and have you hand your keys to a new owner.
I consider it a job interview when we schedule an appointment to discuss selling your home.
I won’t get paid until I sell it either!

      Remember, an advantage to using Only in the Mountains Realty 
to list your property for sale
is that I live, and work here Hot Springs area.

If your considering selling your home or land please contact me to discuss my services.



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