Real estate laws can vary from state to state.  But, at the core of the profession is an obligation for an agent/broker to treat everyone honestly, fairly, and ethically.  This should begin with your first contact with a real estate professional  In North Carolina the Working with Real Estate Agents brochure is an informative document that explains how brokers represent buyers and sellers in North Carolina.  DO YOU KNOW… it’s not uncommon for a broker to represent BOTH a buyer and seller in the same transaction?  That may sound odd to you depending on your past experiences with real estate sales or purchases.  There are fine details about this type of interaction that you need to know, and can learn about in the brochure… which brokers are required to provide you.


So, you are thinking about relocating to the mountains of North Carolina. Are you relocating from a city or suburb?  There are many differences from the city to the mountains as it relates to the functioning of a home.
DO YOU KNOW that in rural areas the majority of homes do NOT have sewer or public water systems?  They utilize a septic system, wells or even springs for their water sources.  How these utilities function is something that you want to educate yourself about, and find professionals to inspect and repair, as needed.


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Maybe you’re familiar with homeowner associations, a.k.a. H.O.A.’s or P.O.A.’s.  They exist in the mountains too, but sometimes look “different” than what you might be used to. For example, some communities have minimum property size requirements defined in acres, vs. small zero lot lines you might know of in the suburbs.  This means that you may not see your neighbor!  DO YOU KNOW that often in rural communities governed by H.O.A.’s that you may have to pay an annual  fee for road maintenance?  Often times these roads are not maintained by local or state transportation departments. This is information that you NEED to know before purchasing a home.  Also, some public roads are NOT maintained by transportation departments either.  Even if the road is a public road you should inquire about how it’s maintained, this is especially important with the volume of gravel roads that exist and how winter weather can affect the care of them.

You may be familiar with local governments that provide police and fire services.  DO YOU KNOW that in many rural mountain areas the fire, medical rescue services are provided by volunteer fire departments? These volunteer fire departments are staffed by people who may be your neighbors. They are dedicated, professionally trained, non-paid people who respond to emergency needs of the community.  Taxes are designated by the fire district for the area that is serviced.