Fall is quickly approaching and…

it’s a great time of year to look at homes and land!

Fall begins this week, and we’re already seeing slight color change in trees, and leaves falling. It’s a wonderful time of year when the temperature cools off, leaves are colorful, and sightseeing is at it’s peak!  The vacation rentals that I manage still have some availability, but they will have less and less (as will other properties in the area) during October.

Unlike other places mountain properties have a different “look” as the seasons change. From fall to winter views open up as leaves fall offering views that you can’t see in spring and summer.  I encourage potential buyers to consider looking at property during these months (weather permitting in winter) to see what surrounds a property, what a view looks like at this time of the year. 

One of the things that I like most about living in the mountains is the changing of the seasons. I feel it sometimes can give one… something to look forward to. To select a favorite season for me is difficult as they all are unique, and visually beautiful.  

After winter often causes “life” to slow down here in the mountains, you get to the point where you welcome spring.  Spring oftens flows right into summer without much notice.  But, the blooming of flowers in spring, and warmer weather get mountain residents geared up, again. Gardens get planted, flower bulbs that were planted in winter start blooming. Fields and yards are mowed/cut, and riding on 2 wheels, or with the windows down in a car you’ll notice the fragrance of fresh cut grass.  Gardens are harvested.  Outdoor activities get everyone in motion… hiking, rafting, fishing.  It’s a cycle of mountain life to look forward to!  

Maybe summer has been warm, and the cyclical change to autumn becomes a welcome thought! Gardens have pretty much “run their course”, and many people enjoy canning the fruits of their labor… vegetables, etc.  Autumn is colorful time of year from the ground to the tree tops!  Pumpkins can be seen decorating a yard, Indian corn hangs from doors, trees boast colors of gold, red, orange… until they fall and blanket the ground.  Inside, it’s time for pumpkin bread and pies, stews, and soups (even outside over an open flame is a fun way to prepare them), apple cider.  Fireplaces are often blazing and cast the distictive scent when you wander around with the windows down.  Outdoor activities also change during fall and winter when hunting season is in effect for those enthusiasts.

Transitioning into winter can also be a welcome experience…especially the first snow which is when I really know…it’s winter! I think snow creates a most serene feeling, especially if you don’t have to drive in it!  Hot cocoa by a fire, winter view from inside, holiday music, decorations of the season… 

When you’re considering relocating to the mountains, investing in property for the future or seasonal use consider what the seasons offer… they are a significant part of what life is about… only in the mountains!

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