Only in the Mountains Realty provided services to buyers and sellers for six years in the Hot Springs North Carolina area. I have relocated to Murphy North Carolina in Cherokee County where I am not currently actively representing buyers and sellers.  However, I do have an active broker’s license, and I can provide you with a referral to a local broker that I TRUST. A broker who is very knowledgeable of the real estate market in this area; as well as the surrounding areas in Tennessee and Georgia.



Murphy offers many of the same features of mountain life as the Hot Springs area does. In addition to the creeks, mountain views, old homesteads there are lakes in this area. 




Another major difference in this area to the remote area I came from is that stores, hospitals, medical services are accessed much easier in this area. It’s not a 45 minute drive to the grocery store or hospital from the immediate Murphy area. 



Recreation is plentiful…

rafting, hiking, fishing, boating, Harrah’s Cherokee Casino.







This area is highly desirable in the current real estate market, and is also a sought after destination for those who are slowing down and retiring.  Inventory has been and still is very low, so you may benefit by my connection with an active broker who may know of properties BEFORE they are on the market.


 Small town living… it’s here!


I have always been somewhat of a “tour guide” when helping buyers find what they’re looking for by providing them lots of information about the lifestyle in the areas of interest to them.  I am still happy to do that for prospective new residents to this area.  So, don’t hesitate to contact me.

There’s much more that is involved in finding that home you want than just the home itself, whether it’s your full time residence or an investment as a vacation rental maybe. For example, most people want or need internet connection. Do you know that can be VERY challenging in most areas of the mountains of western North Carolina?  I often read on social media AFTER someone has bought a home that they are trying to find internet service.  This is information that they should have sought out BEFORE buying, especially if they required the service for a home business/working at home.

If you are looking for a retirement destination, there’s a likelihood that location of medical services and hospitals are important to you. Again, this is information that you should investigate BEFORE you buy a home, not after.


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