I enjoy….

on a holiday weekend such as this Labor Day weekend, going into Hot Springs. I usually end up at the Spring Creek Tavern… on the deck overlooking… Spring Creek. It’s an opportunity to interact with people!

Today, I met some very sociable people from areas near Hot Springs, but also from Tennessee, and beyond.  The outside deck was quite busy as is typical on a holiday weekend. So, there were people spending the weekend here that ended up sitting at the “local” bar section on the deck. The “local” bar is a high top seating area, with tall bar seats (some metal, and some wood; I often have to switch out a lower sitting metal chair for a taller wood one!) Now, this is not exclusively a spot for “locals”, but typically frequented by them since they usually don’t occupy tables.  I welcomed everyone there to the “local” seating area. I hope that they felt “special”.

It’s nice to talk with people from other places that often only have the opportunity to visit this quaint mountain town on a long weekend.  It’s interesting to hear their thoughts on the area. I wonder if they will hate leaving as I used to when I was a visitor. Of course, I always share with them how much I love living here.  Ironically, during conversations it’s not unusual to find out that many visitors have history in Florida, as I do.  I suppose in some ways it’s a small world, and even smaller when people end up in Hot Springs!


Days like this cause me to reminisce about city life.  City… usually a location where people may not converse as openly and comfortably as they do here in this small mountain town. People seem to be more “guarded” in the city from what I recall. What a refreshing time it is to interact with people in a laid back, scenic setting-creekside! No agendas, no pretenses!  When it’s time to go… I let everyone know that they are now welcome back to the “local” bar anytime!

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