I once was “that buyer”…

inexperienced in buying mountain land, not represented by a real estate broker.  Fortunately, it was mostly a positive experience.  However, knowing what I know now (as a realtor) that I didn’t know then… I don’t recommend buying property in an area that you are not familiar with, and in circumstances that you may not be very knowledgeable.

The benefits of having a realtor represent you as your buyer broker, or dual agent outweigh going “solo”.   Try to answer these questions honestly, and you might realize that you would be better advised to use a realtor. These questions are posed specifically to buyers in North Carolina.

  •  are you familiar with requirements for septic systems?
  •  do you know what a soil evaluation a.k.a. perk test consists of?
  •  are you familiar with requirements for wells?
  •  are you familiar with reading topographic maps?
  •  do you know how reliable topographic maps are vs. a survey?
  •  do you know how often properties are re-assessed for taxes in the area of interest?
  •  do you know if fire taxes are the same in every fire district?
  •  when is a Mineral Oil Gas Rights disclosure required?
  •  when is a Residential Property disclosure required?
  •  what is a due diligence period, a due diligence fee?

These are some of many questions that can be applicable in a real estate transaction in North Carolina.  Even if you consider yourself experienced, and knowledgeable there’s a lot involved with buying real property whether it’s a home or land.  If you’re looking in the Blue Ridge Mountains for a home or land… let me help you!

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