It’s a bird, it’s a plane; no, it’s not Superman! It’s…

Susan’s drone!


Introducing my DJI Phantom 3 drone! 


Phantom 3 (without propellers attached)

I am entering 2018 by investing in a new “tool” to use with my real estate listings!

It’s capable of taking still photos, and videos from the air.  First, I must learn to fly it, of course!

Also, I must obtain a FAA Remote Pilot Airman certificate after completing an exam.

So, it will take a little time to accomplish those few things, and get airborne!


It’s important to me to try to keep up with current technology,

the tools available to market your property,


visual aids to help buyers evaluate properties.


A few questions & answers:


Why did I acquire a drone?

It’s important that buyers see “what they are getting” with mountain land. This can be challenging with mountain homes and land due to the terrain, i.e. steepness, accessibility, amount of acreage. In my experience, buyers are not going to physically explore all the of a property especially with large amounts of acreage, yet they are probably curious about what’s out there. With the drone photos/video they will be able to see it all.

Is there any extra cost to a seller to have photos/video of their property taken from the drone?

No. I do not charge for this service.

As a seller, do I have to have photos/video taken from a drone as part of my property’s listing?

No. It is not required by me or the M.L.S. (Multiple Listing Service).  If you prefer not to have drone photos/video just let me know.

Will drone photos/video help sell your home?

While I don’t have any statistical data on this, I invested in the drone with the expectation that it will be helpful to selling mountain properties.  Also, technology keeps evolving, and this is one of the latest “tools in the toolbox” for realtors. What can it hurt… except the drone!

Will drone photos/video be helpful to a buyer when evaluating properties?

Yes!  It will allow you to see what you might otherwise not see, due to not walking the entire property being considered.  There will be a learning curve for me as the operator, but I will post information after some flights, and illustrate the capability of the Phantom.

Will existing listings have drone photos/video added to them, or only new listings?

I will contact current sellers and ask if they would like to have this added feature on their listing; both in the M.L.S. and on my website.  New seller clients will be asked if they want to have this service provided. Both current and new sellers will have to sign documentation allowing me to provide this service.


If you have questions, please contact me!



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