Leaves are peaking in the mountains!

Fall is almost at it’s peak here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Barn on Hwy. 209Depending on the location and elevation some trees have already peaked.  Golden yellow, orange, and some reds make the mountains colorful.  The ground is blanketed with leaves.  Soon… there could be white covering trees….when we get our first snow.



I have been feeding deer with apple flavored corn. While it doesn’t have an appealing odor to me… the doe usually comes once or twice a day to eat it. I haven’t seen the fawn since this photo was taken a few weeks ago.



Fall generates lots of festivals in the mountains offering many homemade goods… jams, crafts, woodworking.  “Leaf lookers” are in abundance to get a glimpse at the color changes.  It’s just one of the  things about life in the mountains that makes it appealing, especially if you’ve lived somewhere that doesn’t have dramatic weather changes producing the bright colors we have here.


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