Let’s talk weather!

A few weeks ago I was on a jet bridge preparing to board a plane in Atlanta bound for Asheville. I listened to a couple women talking about the weather in Asheville. One of them mentioned that she was from Ohio and would “take an Asheville winter” over Ohio any time. The other party to the conversation agreed with her.  This prompted me to think about… the weather in the mountains… and be inspired to write this blog.

Having lived in extreme winter weather in upstate New York as a young child, to the extreme heat in south Florida as an adult, I feel  that I can adequately compare weather in those places to western North Carolina.

The winter 2016-2017 season has been mild here in the mountains, producing one snowfall of about 4-6″.  There have been a wide range of temperatures, for example, one day it’s been in the 40’s, and the next day the low 70’s.  As of today… I’ve seen trees that bear flowers beginning to blossom, and daffodils have popped out of the ground.

Is winter over? I can’t predict the weather, we may experience a cold blast or even a snow in March or April. But, after April… we’re usually home free.

Here in the mountains of western North Carolina winters are not as severe as they are in northern states. So, if you consider relocating here from the north, i.e. New York, Pennsylvania and beyond, I think you would be pleasantly surprised.  You can still experience the change of seasons, but “usually” it’s not as severe as what you might be familiar with, and if we have a winter storm they usually do not linger as long as in places further north.  You would probably find a savings in your heating costs compared to what you’re used to.  

If you enjoy outdoor winter activities you’ll find ski resorts within a reasonable driving time from many areas.  If you simply enjoy being inside and watching the snow fall while enjoying the warmth of your home…relax and enjoy!  For those of  you that are retired, or work from home it really isn’t detrimental if there is snow and ice for a couple days… if you don’t have to be out and about.  Just prepare with food, etc. which you are probably already used to doing anyway.  Some mountain locations offer easy access during winter, but others can limit your movement.  For example, living close to a main road that is maintained by the State is less troublesome than a private road high on a mountain top.  I always commend the North Carolina Department of Transportation for their service in keeping primary roads clear during winter weather.  They do a very good job in the area where I live.


Summer can bring warm to hot days, and cool evenings in the mountains.  By contrast with weather in south Florida,for example, where nighttime can still be warm.  Many homeowners do not have air conditioning in their mountain homes. I for one… have not missed an air conditioner since living here.  However, some folks like to have a cooler temperature inside their homes, and prefer to have air conditioning.  


Sometimes depending on the way a home is situated, such as a cleared mountain top, it can be exposed to lots of sunlight during day time hours, and heat up room/s with large windows.  Often, simply opening windows is sufficient to create a cross breeze, and allow the fresh mountain air in to your home.  


Can there be days when the heat is uncomfortable?  Yes, but they are not usually days on end as you might have experienced living in places to the south, i.e. South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, or to the west such as Texas. My experience during trips to Texas in the summer is that the heat is just about unbearable at times.  I think if you’ve lived in hotter climates you’ll be comfortable with the temperatures in the mountains.  Not to mention that your electric bill may be less in summer months, too.

To sum it up…. “whether” or not you’re considering moving to the mountains from the north or south, in general you’ll find more moderate temperatures year round. You’ll experience the changes that occur with the seasons, such as the flowers blooming in spring, and fall colors in October.  Weather in the mountains can be that comfortable and moderate combination for you in any season.

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