Susan K. Crosby

Im Susan Crosby and I live, work, and play in the Blue Ridge Mountains
near the quaint town of Hot Springs North Carolina.
I operate Only in the Mountains Realty as a sole proprietor and have learned that
in addition to being a realtor who is listing and selling real estate…
I am also selling a lifestyle. This slower paced life may not be a “fit” for everyone…
As part of what I do… I enlighten buyers about the many advantages of living in the mountains.


How I ended up in the Blue Ridge Mountains…

When vacationing in the mountains for many years I was captivated, and
ultimately craved the slower pace of the lifestyle found in the mountains.
t was my escape from an often stressful career in Miami and also central Florida.
In 2010 after serving 25 years in a completely different profession,
I relocated to the Spring Creek community near Hot Springs
where I embarked
on my second career. In 2012 I became a broker at
Spring Creek Real Estate,
and in 2014 I founded Only in the Mountains Realty.


Then and now…

I identify my strengths as some of the skills used in my previous career… a strong attention to detail, good organizational skills, and  being adept at prioritizing.

My communication skills result from years of interacting with the public in a wide range of circumstances… most of which were not happy!

So, I enjoy being a realtor and interacting with people in a “happy” situation as buyers, and working as maybe a problem solver or facilitator for sellers who need to make a change.
Although I’m my “own boss”, I have several years of experience
as a field office supervisor for a statewide law enforcement agency in Florida.
Different types of responsibilities when you supervise other people,
but the discipline to supervise oneself is no less!


What else?


  In my “spare” time I enjoy capturing moments such as at weddings,
family events, and scenery with my cameras.
When I have a chance I also spend time with my grandchildren.
I am proud to be involved with organizations related to Vietnam Veterans,
and supportive of efforts to locate P.O.W./M.I.A.’s from the Vietnam War.

 I’m privileged to show people the “slower side of life”.  
If this is of interest to you… 
just let me know!







Music credit:

Out in the Country/Three Dog Night