Meet Susan


Im Susan Crosby and I live, work, and play in the Blue Ridge Mountains
near the quaint town of Hot Springs North Carolina.

I operate Only in the Mountains Realty as a sole proprietor.
I have learned that in addition to being a realtor who is listing and selling real estate…
I am also selling a lifestyle. This slower paced life may not be a “fit” for everyone…
As part of what I do… I enlighten buyers about the advantages of living in the mountains.


How I ended up in the Blue Ridge Mountains…

When vacationing in the mountains for many years, I was captivated, and
ultimately craved the slower pace of the lifestyle found in the mountains.
t was my escape from an often stressful career in Miami and also Central Florida.
In 2010 after serving 25 years in a completely different profession,
I relocated to the Spring Creek community near Hot Springs.
Embarking on my second career, in 2012 I became a broker at Spring Creek Real Estate
until founding Only in the Mountains Realty in 2014.

Then and now…

I identify my strengths as some of the skills used in my previous career… a strong attention to detail, good organizational skills, and  being adept at prioritizing.

My communication skills result from years of interacting with the public in a wide range of circumstances… most of which were not happy!

So, I enjoy being a realtor and interacting with people in a “happy” situation as buyers,
and working as maybe a problem solver or facilitator for sellers who need to make a change.
Although I’m my “own boss”, I have several years of experience
as a field office supervisor for a statewide law enforcement agency in Florida.
Different types of responsibilities when you supervise other people,
but the discipline to supervise oneself is no less!


What else?


  In my “spare” time I enjoy being in the woods exploring, traveling to share time with my grandchildren

 “capturing the moment” with my cameras.

 I’m privileged to show people the “slower side of life”.  
If this is of interest to you… 
just let me know!







Music credit:

Out in the Country/Three Dog Night