Military veterans… they like the mountains in North Carolina, but why?

I encounter clients with diverse backgrounds, and current lifestyles.  I believe that the mountains attract certain types of individuals, and are not as appealing to others except for maybe a vacation.  In my previous post I discussed “location, location, location“, and that still has some consideration in the topic of this post.

In my experience interacting with veterans they may be attracted to the mountains for the serenity that exists here.  A place where they may distance themselves from memories, and immerse themselves in peaceful surroundings.  A place where the “sounds of silence” may prevail.  Yet, a place that is within an hour to services that they may need, or fraternal organizations that may be important to them.

Having personally been involved with veteran organizations, have friends and family with military backgrounds… I feel I am able to relate to some of their specific wants and needs. Those “wants” may be the place where they can find a better quality of life, and their “needs” may be related to their physical being, and accessibility to medical services.


During the last few months it’s been more common that several of my clients who are veterans have pinpointed the western North Carolina area as a relocation destination because of medical services. Specifically, the Charles George V.A. Medical Center in Asheville* is a determining factor for them to relocate to this area.  Amidst negative publicity associated with V.A. Medical Centers throughout the country, this facility was named the “Best V.A. Medical Center, for patient satisfaction” in 2015.I have personally been to the Charles George V.A. Medical Center on a few occasions with a friend.  My firsthand observations were positive, and I’ve only heard positive comments from veterans living in my area that use the facility on a regular basis .

Living in what’s considered a rural to remote area near Hot Springs I know of many veterans that were born and raised here, and many that found there way here at some other point in their life.  The two vacation rentals that I manage are frequently destinations for active military personnel on leave, or returning home and reuniting with family ( &  I am always happy when I book a reservation for those occasions because I know the serenity they will find at those homes.


Many veterans who enjoy the “wind in their face” can be found riding through mountains, and there are  seasonal events nearby in Maggie Valley, Hot Springs.




If you’re a veteran, it would be my honor to assist you in your quest for a home or land…    your “peace” of the mountains.






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