Patience…sometimes it’s necessary

You’ve probably heard the phrase… “patience, grasshopper”.  Sometimes that applies to your search for homes or land in the mountains.  My experience is that buyers are very specific about the property they are looking for in the mountains.  For many buyers who are seeking to relocate to this area it may be their last home purchase, or dream home to build.  It’s understandable that as buyers, we want it all!  Reality though sometimes dictates that we can’t have it all, but maybe something close.When I am working with a buyer that has an extensive “must have” list, I suggest that they also separate out amenitities that they are willing to be flexible with.  Buying an existing home is a challenge to finding “everything” that you want. Buying land and building a home to your exact specifications is more likely to get you exactly what you want!  Kitchen

Sometimes an existing home may offer most, but not all of the amenities that you are searching for. One seemingly small feature that some buyers insist on is a window over the kitchen sink.  I can understand that…who wants to look at a wall when your spending time doing dishes, when an outside view is more appealing!  Keep in mind that sometimes it’s possible to add to, or modify the existing home to get that one amenity that you just have to have.  But, if you find, for example, that there are too many stairs at a home…that’s probably something that can’t be changed.  If you find the “perfect” home but the land doesn’t exactly match your wants…that can’t be changed. Maybe you don’t like the paneling or wallpaper, these are cosmetic items that can be changed.  It’s important that you let me know about these items so I can help you “see past them”, and visualize that you may be able to achieve the look you want, or the usability features that you need.  An unfinished basement, for example, may lack visual appeal, but if you need additional living space, we can discuss options that  may be able to make that need a reality.

So, as you search through available sources (usually internet sites), and I search through the M.L.S. please be assured that my search criteria can be very detailed to give the best results. However, if that exact  property isn’t available at any given time… that’s just the way it is. Doesn’t mean if might not become available in a day, week or month…just not today.  So, patience is often in order while we search for just what you’re looking for.  Sometimes I suggest to a buyer to revise their list of amenities, if possible, and I can adjust my searches accordingly.

I want you to find that property that fits your needs and desires, or the land to build just what you want. If you feel frustrated, let me know, and we’ll discuss options. Maybe it’s looking in a different area,  or price range that will find you what you’re looking for… only in the mountains!

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