Roads… in the mountains, and elsewhere.

On a recent 2,000 mile road trip to Texas I was reminded of one of the reasons that I love the mountains!  For example, the traffic here is nothing like Dallas Texas, or Birmingham Alabama!  I spent time in both places, and couldn’t wait to return to an area where there are no traffic jams. Oh, maybe in the summer you’ll get stuck behind a horse and buggy for a short time, or maybe road construction to maintain the roads after winter. But, overall day to day travel is carefree, not to mention scenic. Most local residents will also pull off the road when practical if they are slower than other drivers, or towing a trailer, etc.

Road in fall

The State of North Carolina Department of Transportation does a very good job at maintaining the roads after winter, and also keeping them clear during winter.  This refers to “state maintained” roads, not private roads. This brings me to another topic….. something to consider when searching for a home or land to purchase is the road access.  Private subdivisions usually have homeowner associations with required payment of dues that cover the cost of road maintenance; usually not including winter maintenance.  If a home is located on a private road that does not have a road maintenance agreement banks will often require that an agreement be made by the homeowners. Homes located on state maintained roads do not have this same concern.

Enjoy the views, take your time and be alert on mountain roads!

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