So you want to live “away from it all”? Here’s what’s involved!

It’s very common that I meet with potential buyers who talk about how they want to be “away from it all” .  What that usually means is that they want to be removed from traffic, noise, crime, and maybe even lots of people.  The way I describe living in the rural area where I have listings is that it’s a “trade-off”, because the conveniences and necessities maybe that you’re used to aren’t all readily available.  I think the benefits outweigh the disadvantages but you have to be able to adapt… and not everyone who “thinks” they can… actually can.  Are you… “on the fence” about making a move? Let me try to help you in your decision making. Just remember what’s important to you in life, and that there will be “trade-offs” involved.

So, let’s say that you’re a potential buyer exploring the Spring Creek area where I have homes and land for sale. This is a beautiful area with a combination of mountains, creeks, and pastures as scenic backdrops at homes, and seen when you’re wandering around.  The lifestyle is at a slower pace, there are really no employment opportunities here but it’s home to folks who can work from home.  If you’re fortunate enough to work from home either for yourself or someone else… you can have office space with views of mountains intead of walls, or concrete buildings! If you’re retired… you’ll be in good company with other retirees from many different places.  BUT, living here is, as I already said… a “trade-off”.  Here’s the things that you have to adapt to which can be done… I’m living proof of that having moved here from Central Florida, and spent too many years in Miami, too!

Shopping, dining-out, fuel, doctors & medical facilities, entertainment and more… here’s your options:

  • In the immediate Spring Creek community we have two restaurants: Dave’s 209, and the Trust General Store & Cafe.  So, being able to go out-to-eat is easy if you live here…sorry though, there’s no fast food.  The Spring Creek Volunteer Fire Department also hosts events throughout the year including a breakfast on the opening day of fishing season, bbq dinner, chili dinner and more! We have a strong “sense of community” here in Spring Creek.  There’s also a library in our community center which was the local school… back in the day.  Fitness classes are offered twice a week in the community center which also hosts various events throughout the year.  Meadow Fork Campground Store has basic staple items as does the Trust General Store; both have fuel available, too. So, although there are limited conveniences nearby, and you would probably get used to patronizing the local businesses.
  •  Hot Springs is the closet town- ranging from about 10-15 miles+- depending on where you live.  It’s a scenic drive across a mountain to get there, and dine at one of several local restaurants, treat yourself to a massage at the Hot Springs Spa, or a soak in one of their private hot tubs.  For your convenience there is a Dollar General (the only franchise in town), Gentry Hardware (family owned for decades), Tobacco Road (for beer, wine, tobacco products), Artisun Gallery (local crafts and art), Hillbilly Market (more than a convenience store less than a grocery store), car repair services, a library, and medical center.  While a small town, pop. 500+, Hot Springs is quaint, and with the Appalachian Trail passing through it (the only town in NC where it does pass through a town) it is a popular vacation destination, too. The French Broad River flows past town and is a popular rafting adventure.  So,  now you know about the closest town to Spring Creek… offering you many of the basics for your day to day life.
  • Waynesvillepopulation under 10,000+- is about 45 minutes from the Spring Creek area. Yes, that might seem like a long drive to go to WalMart, Publix, Lowes… but those big box stores and more are all there.  This is where the “trade-off” comes into play, in my opinion. This will be a scenic drive from Spring Creek usually devoid of traffic until you get close to town.  Here’s how the “trade-off” works for me, and other local residents.  I go to town once a week and do everything I need to do, i.e. groceries, hair styling, fuel up my vehicle (fuel is available in Spring Creek but at a higher per gallon price), etc.  You just have to plan your trip, make a list (and check it twice!) of where you need to go, what you need to get while you’re there. Make a half day or day of it depending on what you need to accomplish, then retreat back to your “peace” of the mountains!  Downtown Waynesville host festivals, has lots of independently owned shops and restaurants where you still experience small town life!
  • Ashevillepopulation under 100,000 (but growing!) is 45 minutes or more from locations around Spring Creek.  This would be your destination for broader options on dining, entertainment, and shopping.  The trade-off to the distance is again a scenic drive without all the traffic until you get close to town where it will start resembling larger cities.  Medical services are readily available at major hospitals including a V.A. Medical Center for veterans.  If access to medical care is important to you then it’s important that you know there is also a hospital in Waynesville.  

Living in (not outside of ) rural mountain areas can be a wonderful lifestyle.  It’s less stressful than city life since there’s a lack of all that goes with that… traffic, noise, crime, large populations.  It really depends on what’s important to you, and what’s important to you and the trade-offs associated to achieve them
can only be decided by you. 

If you want to know more about life in the mountains of Madison County I’m happy to talk with you.



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