Three most popular words in real estate?


You’ve probably heard these words more than once if you’ve been involved in a conversation about real estate… “location, location, location“.  There’s no doubt that location is an important consideration when evaluating a home or land.  It may be at the top of a buyers list more often than not.  But, isn’t there more to it than simply, the words… “location, location, location“?  It’s certainly relevant to your individual wants and needs, which may be different from another person.

To individuals with children “location” may have a specific meaning when considering schools, recreational, and extracurricular activities.  “Location” to a person that works in the city, yet wants to live in the suburbs… they would probably consider the driving time from home to work, and public transportation that’s available.  Amenities such as shopping, banking, and proximity to medical facilities may be more important to some buyers when considering property location.


When we talk about property in the mountains, and  remember “location, location, location”  it should prompt some other considerations.  Often times people are drawn to the mountains for other reasons than those stated above. In fact, it not uncommon that those features are less significant to many people searching for property in the mountains. For those that don’t need the close proximity to school, work, and amenities “location” may have a different kind of importance to them.  Location may mean the place to “be away from it all”, the rural environment where most of daily life is at a slower pace, the scenery, the serenity.  

Location, location, location” no doubt is important but what it means to you is what is of specific relevance rather than just those three words generally associated with real estate. I’m not suggesting that when you are searching for a home or land in the mountains that you disregard their location in relation to amenities, etc. However, not to sound like a “broken record” (especially for those that have rode through the mountains with me!) it’s important to remember that it may be a “trade-off”.  Compromising on those things that in the big scheme of things may not bear as much importance as does the lifestyle found… only in the mountains!

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