Want to be closer to town yet surrounded by mountains? I know the place for you!

Yesterday I was driving around Lake Junaluska which is near Maggie Valley, and Waynesville.  The old bridge is out, and I had to detour around the opposite side of the lake. I was on my way to the pool for a little sun and relaxation when driving around the lake it struck me… not everyone wants to be “in” the mountains.  I live “in” the mountains quite remote from the creature comforts such as WalMart, malls, fast food restaurants (rarely eat there), and traffic, and crowds.  Although I’ve been to the lake several times, it wasn’t until yesterday that some new thoughts popped into my mind.

If you don’t want or need to be further removed from the creature comforts and so on, Lake Junaluska is a beautiful area. Have you ever heard of Mt. Dora, FL? Maybe someone reading this has been there (besides me).  Lake Junaluska reminds me of Mt. Dora for some reason. Maybe it’s the varying styles of homes outlining the lake but elevated above it, unlike beachfront homes. I have been to Mt. Dora several times either wandering around the lake on a Harley, to a Pow Wow, or visiting family. It was a little town that appealed to me, and is a short drive from Orlando (I used to live outside of Orlando in the opposite direction of Mt. Dora).

As passionate as I am about showing homes and land “in” the mountains where I live, I realized yesterday that I’d certainly love to wander to Lake Junaluska with customers.  Even though I don’t have listings in that area, and most likely wouldn’t at any given time, I can show and sell homes there that are listed by other real estate firms.  If you want to be closer to shopping, dining, medical facilities, and activities don’t hesitate to contact me and ask me about Lake Junaluska. I’m sure I’d be happy to take you there!  You may even want to consider renting a home or cabin there for a weekend to really connect with the area, or not!  In addition to the pool, there is tennis courts, miniature golf, paddle boards, and canoes/kayaks.  You can make it a mini-vacation even! To give you some visuals here are some photos that I’ve taken… but given my thoughts of yesterday I should go back… and do some more.




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