Want to look for a home or land in the mountains? It takes preparation…

prior to meeting with you.

I remember “in the old days”, as a little girl I would sometimes accompany my father (who was a broker in upstate NY) to show homes.  To reveal my age some….this would have been in the 1970’s! Guess what… there was no such thing as a computer in those days.  My dad had a black listing book with the properties that he had for sale.  I don’t remember a lot of details about the process he went through to show a home, but I know for sure that it did not resemble the process of today.

So, fast forward to the age of computers for buyers to search for properties, for sellers to list their properties for sale, for realtors to list, search, document transactions.  Modern technology offers so many great benefits to everyone involved in real estate, but there are also guidelines that have to be followed.  Did you know that in North Carolina realtors participating in a Multiple Listing Service (M.L.S.) have to specify procedures for showing a property when they input a new listing in the computerized listing system?  These can include, but are not limited to requirements such as:

  •  listing broker must be present at showings (meaning another broker’s availability can be a factor on a given date/time)
  •  showings must be requested in a specific time frame, i.e. 24 hour notice

Most often we are required to request a showing of a property on a specific date and time through an online showing service.   Why this is important for you to know is that it requires coordination between you and I.  Unless it’s a showing of one of my listings which usually allows more flexibility, or vacant land (usually not as specific on showing instructions), I will prepare a showing schedule to guide us through looking at properties,. A schedule is important because properties are often geographically a substantial distance from each other, and I have to allow for travel time, too. If you have a limited amount of time in the area to look at properties I want to make the best use of your time looking at properties that most closely meet your wants and needs. I go to great efforts in my searches to find listings that most match what you’re looking for, but it’s important that you let me know if any details change. For this reason you won’t be looking at 20 homes may not suit your wants and needs,  but possibly 4-6 that meet as many of your criteria as possible (depending on your “wish list”).  Realistically, in one day that could be as many homes that can be seen depending on locations, availability of showings on a particular day/time, and amount of time spent at each property.  My schedules are a good estimate of what we can see in a day, but please realize we may spend more time at a property than I allowed for, or less.  Do you want to take a break and have lunch?  I try to allow a little time when possible for this, too.

So, when we move forward to meeting to look at properties please understand that there is much that goes on “behind the scenes” with me to prepare for the showings.  In addition to requesting the showings through the online showing service, and waiting for confirmation that I can show the property (this is also very important) I also prepare a packet for you.  I will provide you with information on each property that you want to view, as well as other informative or required information:

  • listing sheet from the M.L.S.
  • any maps (topographic and aerial) of the property
  • supporting documents, i.e. Residential Property Disclosure (required for homes), Mineral Oil Gas Rights Disclosure (required for homes), lead based paint disclosure (if applicable), and any other relevant documents
  • “Working with Real Estate Agents”- a consumer awareness brochure
  • Brochures that explain the purchase process in North Carolina including the settlement/closing process, home inspections

If you need accommodations during the time you plan to look at properties, just let me know. I manage a couple vacation rentals that can be a good place for you to spend a couple days while we are touring properties, and the area you may be looking for to be  “home” … only in the mountains.  If you’re staying in another area than where I’m located this is another consideration when scheduling a time to meet and look at properties.


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