Welcome to 2019… only in the mountains!


Looking back at 2018 it was not a very busy year in my area of real estate practice. Cities like Asheville still had a lot of sales activity, resulting in lots of growth there, too. I did make some sales and obtained new listings.  In general, the area where I live and work is a slower market due to being some distance from places like Asheville and Waynesville where people want to be close to.

So, I’ve reflected on last year… the inquiries I received about properties, and the properties that I’ve shown… whether my listing or one of another firm.  I’ve evaluated the types of property that sell more often, residential or vacant land.  I’ve decided that in 2019 I am not going to solicit land listings, or in general show land listings other than my active listings.  This is simply a business decision based on a few factors.  It’s not unusual for some firms to specialize in residential or land listings only, so that seems to be the direction I’m taking.



Secondly, most of my inquiries on properties begin with an e-mail, followed by phone calls next. 

Usually, people contacting me are from another area of the state, or out-of-state. This often means to me that they aren’t familiar with the Hot Springs area, and typically this becomes evident during a conversation.  I try to “paint a picture” of what life is like in this area. However, e-mail and phone conversations lack the “face to face” personal contact with someone. “Face to face” contact occurs when people decide to look at property, but often that doesn’t come to fruition.  So, I will offer to have live conversations by appointment on SKYPE with individuals.  I think it’s helpful, while not necessary to dedicate a time to discuss a property and answer questions about the community, where stores are located, etc.  It’s not unusual for me to have a half hour or longer conversation with potential clients. So, I believe when possible it will be beneficial to have those conversations live.

 I don’t expect any other changes this year, but something we know for sure is that…

“one thing in life that’s constant is change.”

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