Here’s some comments from sellers and buyers that I’ve represented:


I couldn’t have found a better realtor to sell my home
I considered my property kind of special
after all the work I put into it over the past 21 years so naturally
I cared about who I would be selling my 
house to. 

You did not waste any time putting together a listing that not only described my place
but also gave a feeling for what it was 

  It wasn’t long before that perfect person came along. He had been looking for 2 years
but had never contacted a realtor.
When we agreed 
on a purchase, you took the extra effort to guide this first time homebuyer
through the process even as you represented both of us. I really appreciate that.

Also thank you so much for wasting no time answering my questions along the way.
You know what you are doing and you 
genuinely care.
We truly had the perfect buyer, seller and realtor 



A first time home buyer’s comment:
“Susan, thank you so much for all of the help you have given. You worked so hard, and as a first time home buyer,
you helped me so much, and you were very patient with me.
This transaction was so smooth. Everyone was blown away at how great it was.
You were the first realtor I contacted because you posted such wonderful pictures on the house.
I was blown away at the beauty, and I truly believe that this is the perfect house for me.
I don’t know if it was difficult or not, working for the buyer and the seller, but you were perfectly fair, honest, and hardworking.
I know we put you to work, but you handled anything that came your way without batting an eyelash,
 and I am sure you were working on several other houses as well! I was so blown away and impressed with having you.
I couldn’t of had a better agent. 
Thank you for everything!”



“Many thanks, Susan, for all your kind help in the purchase of my mountain home!

I’m happy to recommend you without qualification.

You’re professional, knowledgeable, honest, diligent, and realistic.

A rare combination of attributes, perhaps, for a real estate agent–but you embody them all! 

I’m so glad you worked with me to make this transaction possible.

Thank you for the service you provide our community. “