Where to find mountain homes with 10-20 acres… in 2018!

You may know that Asheville/Buncombe County has been a rapidly growing area for the last couple of years. There is also considerable expansion out of Asheville to the Leicester area, which includes road widening of Leicester Highway/Hwy. 63. This road is the direct connector from Asheville to Madison County (in the Trust/Spring Creek areas).  Likewise, road expansion has occurred from Asheville towards Hendersonville; along with the addition of a much needed (due to area growth) parking garage at the Asheville Regional Airport.  One appeal to people wanting to relocate to the mountains/Asheville area, from the suburbs or city of northern or southern states, is to have a home with large acreage, (maybe 10 +acres of land) with mountain views, bold streams, no neighbors in sight, etc.  Let’s face it… if you’ve lived in a suburb (or in the city) with homes on small or zero lot line lots… this can be a very enticing image!  

  • In 2018, reality has become that a home with 10+ acres is more difficult to find on the perimeters of Asheville/Buncombe County, or if found, the price can become a major consideration. I did a recent search in the M.L.S. of active residential listings with 10-20 acres in Buncombe County, and found only 4! The listing prices ranged from $319,900 to $1,575,000.  A comparable search of Madison County listings revealed 8 listings priced from $219,000 to $975,000. While that’s twice as many listings in Madison County, it’s not a huge selection in either county. However, those in Madison County are also listed at overall lower prices, and can offer  much more… keep reading!

What does all this mean?  If you’re a buyer that is searching for:

  •  an existing home in the mountains with 10-20 acres

you may have to give serious consideration to looking 30+ miles outside of Asheville. When buyers ask me about the driving time from the Spring Creek area ( 13 mi. south of Hot Springs-  Madison County) to Asheville or Waynesville to big box stores, grocery stores, franchise & privately owned restaurants I reply that it’s “about 45 minutes”.  This is what I say is “the trade-off“… if you want the mountain home away from the hustle and bustle of the city, away from noise, away from bright lights, without high volume traffic, etc. this is what it may take to find that… more than a 10-15 minute drive!  It may be necessary to be flexible, and appreciate while the drive is longer it is scenic, and mostly without lots of traffic (until you get closer to your destination in the city).  As I’ve written before… it’s not just about finding a home in a more remote mountain location… it’s  also a “lifestyle” to distance yourself from city life, and agreeably not suitable for everyyone.

I’ve sold some wonderful homes in the Spring Creek area of Madison County, often at very reasonable prices (by comparison to what they would be nearer the city). However, I’ve also shown homes in this area, been with other brokers showing my listings in this area, and receive client feedback that it’s “too far out”.  No offense taken by me because I know the benefits of living “out here” and they outweigh the disadvantages. Location of the mountain home of your “dreams” or  just a getaway cabin is totally your decision as a buyer based on your wants and needs.  The discussion here is not to dissuade anyone from looking at the wonderful homes near Asheville, but simply to educate buyers about what options exist at this time. 

NOTE: M.L.S. search of listings reflects those properties revealed on the specific day of the search.


These photos are an example of what you can find on 18.5 acres of land, with a spacious home (MLS # 3207557).  I can’t capture the silence  (except for the cascading stream) found at this property in this blog, but…        it’s here!


Bold stream

Behind home to trails

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